Qing Fibre, June

Qing Fibre




Qing Fibre is hand dyed by the independent yarn dyer Layla Qing.
Originally from Beijing, Layla grew up surrounded by traditional folk crafts. Now living in London, she loves everything British and is a passionate crafter.
Qing Fibre started in 2016. Since then her passion for dyeing yarn and combining unusual colours has led to her incredible palette.
From the most vibrant hues to the darkest shades, she hopes to inspire people with her love of colour.
All Qing Fibre blends are ethically sourced from Peru and then hand dyed in London in her incredibly vibrant and happy colours.
YITW is proud to stock the 100% Merino Singles …

Light fingering single yarn. The colours are clear and vibrant on this base! With soft and smooth texture, a little bit drapey. Suitable for any pattern and stitches, especially for those fun and special stitches.

100% Superwash Merino


What a colour rush!

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Cuttlefish, Flamingo, Hurricane, Lucia, Narwhal, Oyster, Panda, Penguin, Slate, Soft Grey