Little Dandilion

Little Dandelion K1S1 Extreme Bundle 5kg




K1S1 is Little Dandelion’s DIY extreme knitting yarn in a fine grade premium felted merino wool. Made in New Zealand following fibre artist and designer Jacqui Fink’s exact specifications, the yarn gives knitters, weavers and crafter’s alike a viable, functional and soft alternative with which to create their own large scale textiles.


100% felted fine merino wool tops — approx 200 metres of yarn per bump

Made in New Zealand


A bump this size will make a throw approximately 130cm x 170cm if knitted with a regular knitter’s tension. A standard throw typically measures around 135cm x 185cm using a loose tension.


Approximately 5 kgs.

A 5kg bump contains approximately over 200m of yarn.