Little Dandilion

K1S1 Extreme Knitting Yarn 1.5kg




K1S1 is Little Dandelion’s DIY extreme knitting yarn. Made in New Zealand by a specialist mill from fine grade merino wool, K1S1 replicates the same scale created using unspun wool without requiring the same time consuming processes. K1S1 is not a rug yarn. It is a high grade luxurious fully felted technical knitting yarn specifically designed for textile use. Unlike unspun wool, K1S1 will not shed, has a high degree of functionality and a low pilling quotient.

The 1.5kg bump is a perfect size for scarves, beanies and smaller projects like a lap rug.


100% felted fine merino wool tops- approx 55 metres of yarn per bump

Made in New Zealand


Approximately 1.5 kgs.